Our Philosophy

is to meet our clients' needs and establish long-term relationships based on quality services, trust and mutual respect.
We strive for the best. We believe solitary long-term partnership will benefit your company.

About Us

Global Interactive Service (GIS) is a one-of-the-kind service provider which delivers the right BPO and customer management solutions that span the entire customer lifecycle. Our clients from banking, financial and telecommunication sectors have been entrusting us with their needs on credit control, customer acquisition, support and retention since Year 2000.

Being one of the pioneers while adopting state-of-the-art technology for telemarketing, GIS has been an outstanding CRM expert in Hong Kong whose service has extended to SMS distribution, corporate credit check and human resources solutions. Our services offer flexibility to companies for better resources allocation, timely execution of marketing projects and direct quality control.

  • Mission

    To answer a corporate's needs at this rapidly changing environment for organizational efficiency, productivity, growth and profitability with our intelligence-driven professional direct marketing services.


    To bring positive contribution to our client's reputation which followed with organic-growth in business opportunities and resulted in a win-win-win situation for our valued clients, their customer and us.


We provide our comprehensive and integrated direct marketing solutions to our clients from industries below:

Bank & Finance
Statutory Bodies

Ethics and Compliance

Our people at all levels play an equally essential role, being uncompromising to business integrity with respect to safety, ethics and compliance. We provide guidance, advice and training to help employees understand their responsibilities and how to act in full accordance with the law and the code of best practice. Our employees and contractors are encouraged to share any concerns they may have on any form of breaches, anonymously if they wish, and without fear of retaliation.

Personal data security is an exceptionally controversial subject which is never taken lightly at GIS. We respond to the trust of our clients with every effort to ensure the confidential information received remain protected and is accessed only on a need-to basis.

We comply strictly with Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, regulations introduced by Government bodies, and the Code of Banking Practices introduced by HKMA.

Privacy protection is a part of our regular coaching and development agenda. There are stringent procedures and monitoring throughout the entire operation process to assure personal data is secured and used appropriately on a need-to basis. By the continuous effort of the team and persistent education towards our staff, audit results have been satisfactory years after years which is widely recognized by our clients.